About Us

   Bamdad Zenderoud Co. was established in 1988 for fabrication and installation of industrial projects. The company started with urban facilities in the Province of Isfahan , and has since worked on projects in "Haftom-Tir Industrial Complex" , and  "Mobarakeh Steel Complex." (MSC.)


     In 1996 the company started fabrication and installation of "rolling mill"  steel structure for "Khorasan Steel Complex" (KhSC.) and in 1998 handed over this structure to Danieli , IRITEC and Ghaem Reza companies.


     From 1998 to 2002 , Bamdad Zenderoud acted as a contractor for "Milad Sepahan Company" , and participated in numerous projects , most of which involved constructing of steel structures for Mobarakeh Steel Copmlex (MSC.) , equipment and dedusting ducts for "Foolad Saba Co." , fabrication of equipment for "Esfarayen steel Complex" , and construction of steel structures  for "Khouzestan Petrochemical company" . In 2007 , the company moved to its current location (SEJZY Industrial zone) and has since collaborated with "IRITEC"  and Mobarakeh Steel Complex (MSC.) . Kayson Co. , Bushehr Petrochmical Company (BuPC.) .